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wow, presumptuous much?

I received a book in the mail today. Well, to be accurate, on Monday evening on the dining room table there was a coupon that said "Item". I cheerily took it to the post office today and obtained my Item. Yep, I got the Elemental Materia.

Nah, I really got the book. Second-hand, from an independent seller on Amazon. And it's a good book. Yes, it came late (outside of the 5-15 business day window), but good things are worth the wait.

Inside the cover, the seller enclosed the following letter:


Dear Amazon Customer,

Thank you very much for your purchase. I sincerely hope you are completely satisfied with both the product you ordered and our customer service.

If there was a problem with your order please email me before returning an item. This will allow the opportunity to try to solve any problem and possibly save you the trouble of returning an item.

I strive for outstanding customer satisfaction and a feedback rating of 5 stars on Amazon Canada. I would really appreciate it if you could take the time to rate me with 5 stars. I read all my feedback and do sincerely appreciate it when people take the time to leave me nice feedback. Your rating would also inform me that your item has arrived.

My reputation as an Amazon Canada seller is very important. If you do not feel that I deserve a 5 star rating, please do not rate me yet, but rather contact me via email (seller@isp.net) so that I may address any concerns you have. My job is not complete until you are fully satisfied. I kindly ask that you do not leave a 3 Star or lower rating, since Amazon calculates these negatively.

Thank you again for your purchase.

Best wishes,

Independent Business (seller@isp.net)


Take the time to rate you 5 stars?! For an item that came late and in a transaction where we haven't interacted in any way?

You send me a form letter and ask me to give you the highest possible rating, and on top of that you want me to justify anything less by contacting you first.

Your reputation is very important, huh? You unmitigated ass.

It's up to me what I want to rank you. And this kind of entitled attitude isn't helping.

My feedback:

3 out of 5: Came slow. Seller left a letter inside cover rather presumptuously asking to be rated 5 stars, stating, "My reputation as an Amazon Canada seller is very important. ... I kindly ask that you do not leave a 3 Star or lower rating."

If it weren't for that ridiculous letter I would have been happy to give 4.

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