William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
William Matheson

Illiteracy 2010

It’s time for my first (annual?) list of egregious examples of illiteracy, many from prominent bloggers and netizens who ought to know better. Names are withheld and situations have been changed to protect the guilty. These are all real – I’ve come across all of them quite personally. In fact, very often also in personals.

Also, I am not some kind of deity of correctness and prescriptivism, and I make mistakes like everyone else – unfortunately, since the ones you might see are almost always the ones I fail to spot, there’s little chance of one of my own mistakes making the list unless you bring one of them to my attention. ;-p

Here it is – in no particular order – and remember to wear your sense of humour.

Illiteracy 2010

I way 110 pounds.

I found the method to be nearly full proof.

I finally watched the finally.

Here! Here!

I do that every once and a while.

We’ll have to make due with this.
(Due me baby, uh huh, due me baby…)

Here’s the view from my petty cab.
(meaning pedicab, a cycle rickshaw)

I don't need much to get buy.

The duepoint today was 21.6°C.
(Pay up, News 95.7!)

I work on my parents farm threw out the summer.
(Tossing around bales of hay can certainly throw out my back…)

I don’t like any particular kinds of music per say.

My kid hasn’t quite learned how to peddle the tricycle.
(I guess a career in sales isn’t for him, then.)

Go to the store and get some sweet potatoe fries and Check beer.
(This person has a licence to teach in the public schools of Nova Scotia.)

I was a bonified student.
(But I failed Latin 100.)

Let’s change our jerseys before we get our metals.

If you must do it, then do it with flare!
(Especially if you’re stranded by the side of the road.)

He’s a bit of a booser.
(I know I sure love to boose.)

See you next year!

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