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G-g-g-go Times

I hardly ever blog anymore. I barely remember what it's like to actually make a hyperlink and cite a URL without having to shorten it.

But I do credit Twitter for forcing me to learn to express my thoughts succinctly. It's like a form of poetry, and this is a good thing because I never had the interest to have the discipline to write (or even read!) poetry. In fact, I have an English honours degree*, and I studiously avoided poetry the entire way - I was only interested in prose.

And I love a great one-liner.

* - Actually, a basic BA with a major, then an Honours Equivalency Certificate obtained later. It's an asterisk I'll have to bear for life.

Today I picked up a copy of the latest GoTimes newsletter. There's a bit of good news among the bad: of chief concern to me is Route 89, and instead of its off-peak service being axed completely, it will continue as a "120-minute service". That's down from its current 60-minute service, but a bus every two hours is a little bit better than no bus at all.

Still no bus on the weekends. Of course, there's lots of traffic going to the new 4-pad rink along the route, but it's all cars. Among other things, it's probably a little much to expect parents to send their gear-laden kids to hockey practice on an hourly bus. But the bus is good for people who work at the Northwood home for elderly people without money or status, and also for people like me who live and/or work along the route and don't have a car. But the problem is that there are few of us - I get that, and Metro Transit can hardly be expected to keep running a bunch of trips with passenger loads in the low single digits.

Also, the 88 will have a reduced schedule, but it will still operate off-peak. It too, if I recall correctly, was slated to go to peak-only.

The language in the newsletter no longer refers to "service efficiencies" - it's not quite plainspeak, which would be "service reductions" - they refer to "schedule adjustments", but that's a slight improvement, I guess.

In general, I advocate holding politician and PR-people's feet to the fire whenever possible. Meet everything with a healthy skepticism. Demand that those in power speak truth. Life isn't an Intro Lit essay.

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