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Mysterious Dalhousie Secuirty Bulletin

This just went out to all Dal students:

Dalhousie Security has been informed of incidents where women on Dalhousie’s Studley Campus have been surreptitiously captured on video and the file posted to an on-line video sharing site. The videos were taken without consent of the subjects and appear to have been taken in a manner where the subjects would have been unaware that they were being recorded.

The nature of the video is an invasion of individual privacy as well as being offensive in its content toward the subject of the recording and to the general Dalhousie community.

Security Services requests that should anyone on Campus notice suspicious behavior of an individual that leads them to suspect that they are secretly being recorded without their consent by way of video or photograph to immediately contact Security Services at 494-6400.

Mike Burns
Director of Security
Dalhousie University
(902) 494-1539

This is... weird. The dearth of details makes speculations natural and vivid. Although my curiosity isn't noble, I think it would be nice for women to know the nature of the threat they may face.

I guess this puts the kibosh on my up-and-coming porn channel: hotdalgirlswalkingaroundwithbooks.com.

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