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I'm having one of those existential moments when I realize that, while a lot has happened, there's not a whole lot that's worth saying. This comes on top of that moment when everyone realizes that they can't possibly keep up with their life, anyway. The final product usually resembles real life, but through a filter akin in substance to rapidly changing channels with a remote. Everyone has to live with the horror that thoughts are fleeting, fragile things, and many get forgotten or misrepresented. A very lucky few thoughts survive to become words, as a very lucky few mosquitoes survive to annoy the living shit out of people.

Says joegod in a sort-of-related recent post:

"It's become apparent that I duped myself after all. I really did think for a while that I could learn more about my life from writing about it. What explained otherwise was the steady experience of leaving so much unsaid. What I write doesn't make sense anyway, so maybe I say nothing. The thoughts are too fast and furious and definitively ambiguous to lay out and nail down. I must stop thinking of my journal and life as somehow analogous."

Well, I've never had quite that particular problem. I've always written partly for other people's amusement; it never even occured to me that I could use a journal to learn about my life. Nice to know that doesn't work.

For your amusement and information:

Catherine (opera_angel) couldn't make it to this party I was planning to take her to, but everything worked out okay, anyway. Well, except for Catherine. Sucks to be her, I guess.

Oh, and Corey Strong is a capital, A-1 nice guy. And I was happy to see Mike and Jenny and the other usual suspects. It was good times.

Now I have to put Paul to bed before I can go to bed, and Mom wants me to feed the horse at 6am. Fuck that, she's getting fed at 9, since I just fed her now (4am) anyway. I'll still have to make it work out so that the extra feeding isn't on the barn floor when she gets back. OMG responsibilities. I envy all you kiddies who have your own places and don't have to look after disabled stepfathers and expensive barnyard animals you fought tooth-and-nail not to have to put up with.

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