William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
William Matheson

oh, physics!

OK, so I think I bombed a physics midterm today.

Still, provided I work hard at the assignments and labs, I ought to eke out credit for the course. I'd have to really really really stink for this not to be so. So unless I scored less than 30 or 40%, I'll persevere.

I'm really mostly worried about the math courses - linear algebra and intermediate calculus. I really struggle with the geometry of it. You have to be able to parameterize (define numerically) the range of each variable, and it's all in n dimensions (n is usually 2 and 3). Is it worth learning? Absolutely, and it's the foundation for a wide range of things, but I need more time and resources than are available here. I got an A in calc II at Dal this past summer because it was the only thing I was doing, thus I had the time, and they had a math resource room, thus I had the resources. That was following the D I got in calc I here.

I will ask my physics classmates if they're interested meeting up for the purpose of doing the weekly suggested problems. Maybe they won't be interested, but I should at least ask. If they say no, I could go to my uncle (once a naval architect, at times an engineer) and see if he can help me, but if he forgets at even half the rate I do it might be hopeless. ;-)

I'm thinking a lot about other things I want to do. If I decide not to continue, maybe I can take my leftover morsel and start studying the piano. Or anything. The thing of it is, this experience so far has taught me how to think (though I still have to choose to think)... that's a very important too. Anyway, GTG, TTYL.

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