William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
William Matheson

student loan non-lulz

Yay! My assessment finally came in...

and they think I have $8000 of investment income coming to me. (That is, they expect me to liquidate a non-existent principal.) They've of course modified the loan amount accordingly.


Even though I said and sent proof that the ~$75 of "investment income" I reported on my 2009 tax return was interest from a high interest savings account, and that money's all been spent now.

So I call the phone number. For appeals, press 1. I do. You just get a recording. Then you're back at the main menu, so I hit 0 in hopes of talking to a real person.

"Thank you for calling, Goodbye."

... ... ...

Hint: Press 4 to get into the queue to speak to an agent.

I got an agent in just a few seconds! But she couldn't help me - the department she needed to put me through to or consult with was "done for the day". (It's, uh, 11:30am... but I guess it is Friday.) So I will be calling back first thing Monday morning (8:30am).

Gee, I'm glad I didn't pay that residence deposit... :-(

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