William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
William Matheson

yeah, a radical lifestyle change ain't gonna happen

Compared to my Japanese utility bike, this bike is better at going downhill. It's worse at everything else. The seating position is horribly uncomfortable - I want to sit upright - and the bike itself is heavier, even though the only accessories are a cyclometer, a water bottle bracket, and a little pouch tucked in the corner of the seat tube and top tube. It was made during the height of the mountain bike craze, but it's not really even good for that - it's too heavy to get up the slightest hill at any speed, and trails don't tend to be perfectly flat!

Today's ride began with my discovery that the rear shifter couldn't hold the gears very well. Then my watter bottle, too heavy for the rusting-out bracket, dragged the bracket into my front gears, probably causing some damage as I was going along at a decent clip.

I got it to Bicycles Plus in Bedford and after a good-natured chuckle, the guy put my bike on the holder thing (you can tell I'm a bicycle expert), and he discovered that I'd bent a tooth in my largest front gear. He straightened that out, and then diagnosed that my rear-shifting problem was partly due to a very old cable and the general messy state of everything. He showed me that I could just turn the indexing off, which was a great work-around. I don't really need the indexing.

I'm going to hang onto this bike, because it'll be good to keep here for the times that I'm staying here and there's no bus service. But I still very much want a new bike and will start budgeting for one.
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