William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
William Matheson

on my bike again!

Woo-hoo! I have wheels again! Two wheels. My ancient Roadmaster 18-speed mountain bike, ordered from Amway for my successful completion of the sixth grade, is up and running again!

The rear tire was about to blow, so I needed to replace it - I learned how to change the tire, and I got lots of practise because the first tire I put on, a 26, 2.1, wouldn't fit well once inflated. I think some of the frame around the back wheel might be bent a little bit, just enough to make a tire that should barely fit, not fit. So I ended up putting one in that was actually slightly smaller - I think a 26, 1.9 to replace a 26, 2.0.

I also put on fresher brake pads on the back and put grease on the line and adjusted both brakes, and raised the handlebars. I needed a ton of help on these things, though admittedly some of the tasks benefited from having two people. In the end, it was far more of a character-building experience than simply paying somebody to do it for me.

Oh, FYI, if you go, sign in when you do. They're pretty serious about that. They do need to know how many and who are coming and going. I imagine if you're serving the "community service" portion of a sentence there, they get really serious. ;-) Seriously, if you want to volunteer, or suddenly need to, consider going there. It's hopping crazy busy and they could use all the hands they can get. They're only open to the general public two evenings a week (Mondays, Wednesdays 5:30-8:30)* - I didn't ask why, but I think it's all they can handle, since they need to keep the packed-tight work area reasonably organized. And there are lots of donated bikes they need to work on.

I'm still dreaming of a new or new-to-me bike - I saw a nice looking cruiser at Wal-Mart with fenders and 5 speeds... no Sanibel LX by any means, but this bike is $240 as opposed to $400. You have to factor in taking a department store bike somewhere else to make sure it was put together properly, though, if you don't have the eye to verify that yourself. *raises hand* But I can get by with this one for now.


I see this ultimately becoming an official city service as more and more and more folks get semi-serious about biking. I mean, they already subsidize public transit by bus. Why not bicycle repair, too?

At Wal-Mart I got a new helmet and lock - I have the old ones, but I really needed new ones - and I got some wildly overpriced fit-over sunglasses. ("They're polarized, and you get this nice carrying case...") At least I won't have to mess around with those adjustable clip-ons again. These will be much more comfortable and offer way better eye-protection for driving and biking, and they look like legitimate sunglasses.

Current TV: 2010 State Farm Home Run Derby

* - Women and trans-identified people can also go on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of every month (for the summer) from 6-8. Then in the winter that becomes the slot for everybody, instead of Mondays and Wednesdays.

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