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memories: dances, die

Mom and Paul just got back from the doctor's - on a Sunday! It seems they got word of some kind of mildly promising MS (drug?) therapy, and our doctor was gracious enough to see them on a Sunday, and at an alternate office that's wheelchair-accessible, no less. She's great. I got the appointments for my medical with only a week's notice, for instance. I've heard that our doctor is actually hard to get - she's probably not taking on new patients, so we're really lucky to have her.

I'm going into town for the Rifts campaign this evening - an interesting trivbit, our friend Scott is an acquaintance of Naomi, whom I may have mentioned somewhere. Boy, it's a small world. I can only hope that things from one sector of my life won't permeate the other - OMG worlds collide! =) Nah, that's not likely.

Speaking of Scott, I waited too long to phone him, and he's in town already, and doesn't own a cell phone. OMG who doesn't own a cell phone? Okay, me, a month and a half ago. But STILL! C'mon, let's get those Finnish! We'll show them the true meaning of cell phone penetration! OMG dirty. Anyway, it looks like Scott may miss this particular game, but that should be okay since he's fairly experienced from the days of Mike K.'s campaigns in the halls at lunchtime back at CPA.

I played then, too. But in terms of time committment, I wasn't really all there. (Also, taking on a Dolphin RCC was probably a mistake.) I had a lot going on then, and when I could sit and play with them, I was easily distracted. Having been on Student's Council for one year and Dance Committee for two (see digression next par.) - not to mention that I was rather infamous to begin with - well, let's just say that I had a lot of friendly acquaintances, and I spent too much time saying 'hello' to people I knew. Actually, maybe I was doing it compulsively. Like I've said, I really like people, but I'm not particularly good with them.

Oh, I discovered in those years that the only way to have fun at a dance was to sell soda. Boy, in those years, the dances were WILD! The walls would vibrate and sweat. I wouldn't have been at those dances early on if it were not for my responsibilities as a Student Councilor, but I quickly came to love them despite my outcast-influenced negative perceptions of the whole shebang. It was a lot of fun to be on the outskirts, talking to people and teachers. And, the odd time that I did want to see the music, I could take a break and walk in - but I'd quickly tire of that and I could go back to selling soda. Oh, those were the days. I'd also have a lot of fun organizing things like coat check. Oh, this has nothing to do with dances, but I also got to program the scrolling LED sign in the lobby every day. You know what, high school was still rather fun for me - just in different ways than it is for most people. I was not able to experiment with sex nor dating, but maybe that's just as well. I don't have the baggage that some people do.

Anyway, it's time to have a snack and hit the road. Thanks again for your attention, loyal readers.

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