William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
William Matheson

SMU "Get Closer" ads (rant)


HEY! Folks making SMU "Get Closer" ads! Read this. Please.

Poor spelling or grammar in your ad? That's an automatic "dislike" from me and likely lots of other people. Also bad punctuation, though I usually forgive the omission of a full stop at the end.

Hints for ad-makers: If your goal for going to school is to finish school... well, let's just say I got an English degree for that reason and I'm in the system again.

If your "goal" is to win the Macbook, that's definitely an autofail too.

If you're using copyrighted pictures... that would be okay for personal use, but for *contest* purposes that should be an autofail. Nobody's going to use your ad, for sound legal reasons and sheer tastefulness, if it contains the cast of House.

Also, if you're saying that you want to become, say, a fashion designer - go to an ART school or just get out into the world - nothing Saint Mary's has to offer can really help you, at least not directly.

That said, there are some ads that show some thought. But there are dozens, maybe hundreds more that scream for a want of good sense. But *that* said I might have made a stupid ad myself not so very long ago, and said something sarcastic / self-deprecating in an entry. For my part, I'm going to attend a workshop on personal statements next week (Wednesday the 31st, 3pm-4pm, Burke 115) - I may have a degree in a writing-related field (and I minored in creative writing), but I have no idea how to write a good personal statement! But while I'm no expert, I and most other people who can read can easily sniff out a bad personal statement.

And finally, don't intrude on other people's comment threads to promote your ad. That smacks of bad manners. I can begrudgingly tolerate a group invite, though I will categorically not accept them, but in this case I finally did go to the Saint Mary's website on my own and click my own way through to the contest (I wanted to make sure I could see the ad in question and decide for myself whether or not to vote for it).

AUGH! NO SMILEYS! This is an ad copy! It's not your Facebook status update or e-mail signature! One girl had a great background picture and said she wanted to help reduce crime in the Caribbean, but she ruined it with "peace in the Caribbean :)" - like, c'mon guys. Do you think that would really get printed on a poster like that?

Finally, lol @: "Thanks for voting! It seems you've cast your vote for every ad you currently can - if there was a prize for enthusiastic voter, you'd get it. Please check back in a week or so for new entries that need your vote." Ha-ha! And I did vote for the ad that the (rather good-looking, I'm surprised she has to resort to such tactics in life) spammer wanted me to, because it was an alright ad. But I think it's getting the most votes because of her spamming.
Tags: adverts, facebook, saint mary's, school, universities

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