William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
William Matheson

Forever putting paid to the provocative-dress argument

"It might be true that provocatively-dressed girls draw more attention by rapists. So what? Nice cars are more often stolen than ugly ones, too. Maybe they’ll be handing out tracts to new car owners telling them that they are at fault for car theft."
     - Daniel Florien

"Religious Leaflet Claims “Ungodly” Dressed Women Provoke Rape"

We all want to drive nice cars and we all want to look our best - what kind of mental twistedness is necessary to blame our misfortunes on essentially putting our best face forward?

Though, truth be told, it's not all about beauty either - I have a friend whose finely aged Dodge Neon has been stolen repeatedly. But that's also the difference between robbing the bank and just mugging someone on the street - the former is bound to attract more attention from law enforcement and you're far more likely to get caught. You can heartlessly apply this reasoning to cars and women.
Tags: religion, women

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