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I like, I feel fine

I just got back from a long outing with Catherine (opera_angel). It was fun. We talked about lots of things. I feel good now. I like talking with Catherine for hours on end.

William likes saying simpleton-ish things at 2:36 am. Now ain't da time fer grammer.

Oh, it's now proven that I don't have tuberculosis, and said proof is on its way to Montréal. ($50 later... grumble) If I get the Netcorps internships, I'll be throwing a farewell party. Yeah, for myself... but it would really be a generic, tranquil party for all of my closer friends. I don't want to sound like I have a lot of friends, or that I don't have a lot of friends - I'm treading dangerous ground with any statement that puts friends into any sort of plural quantities.

Anyway, the party is in a precambrian state of planning, and it will be a while before I start coming out with details and directions and such things. Part of the reason I've not had parties is that this house is not very condusive to them. There's no rec room of any sort (although there used to be, but we're losing rooms and space at an alarming rate as my mother is a "collector" type of person whose interests are painfully diverse), nor is my own room ideal for more than two people at a time. This house doesn't have enough congenial space. I imagine we'll have to improvise somehow, and maybe use the living room and the deck and maybe the art studio. The upstairs, having little comfortable, open space, can probably be left silent and shrouded.

I'm really looking forward to this, as well as other parties that some of my friends have placed on the horizon. I hate to be talking about parties, though, because it makes everyone feel all excluded. I hate it when my LJ friends wax nostalgic about parties in my area, so I'll try not to be so insufferable about it myself.

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