William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
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So instead of watching the football games, I went with a friend of the fair sex to see Avatar in IMAX 3-D. Yes, it was a bit of an ouch at $14.99, but if any movie experience is worth $15, it's this one. You are there. It's incredible.

Critically speaking, if this were just a movie, I'd say it was pretty good. Definitely worth seeing. It would hold out on a small screen. But the cinematics push this movie far into "must-see" territory. There's not that much to criticize anyway: A few of the antagonists, while delightfully played, are a bit one-dimensional in terms of development. Some minor aspects of the movie stretch believability, but it stays true to its own rules and for me that's what counts. But forget everything you've heard about it and go see it.

We went to the Lacewood Tim Hortons for tea and a chat afterwards, and while I was driving out of the parking lot around midnight this guy in another car caught me at a stop line and motioned for me to put my window down. Forgetting the rule that anyone who approaches you on the road at night is your enemy, I put it down.

"Could I interest you in a nice leather jacket?"

I smiled with an effort, "No thanks," and drove on. On my way again, I began to laugh.

Then I realized my movie partner wouldn't know her way homeward (she's not from around here), so I called her cell and we drove to the Fairview Overpass platoon-style. This was also extremely funny, but I forgot to ask her if she wanted a leather jacket. I already have one.
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