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Attention fellow MATH 1210 prospectives!

A pre-course note from the professor:

"Prior to acceptance into this course each student must pass a pretest which will be administered during the first class on Tuesday. The test's purpose is to ensure sufficient mathematical background in order to tackle calculus. Experience has shown that without such background, it is difficult to keep up and the failure rate is high. The pass mark is 28 out of 40 and if you fail on the first pretest, you will be permitted a second attempt. If you have already passed a pretest in a previous semester or if you have passed Math 1190 then you are exempt from taking the test and may keep your registration in Math 1210."

But here's the dirty little secret: Nobody's manually checking the test scores against the list of students registered in the course. That would require a great deal of manual labour which neither the math department nor the registrar's office have time for.

So, based on this and the experiences I've heard from other students both in and out of 1210, I recommend taking the test, but if you score, say, 20 out of 40, instead of registering in 1190 I would suggest flouting the test and taking the course anyway. Nobody will find out. Otherwise you're kind of wasting a term and 600 bucks, like I did. I spoke to one guy in my chemistry course last semester who was like, "Yeah, I got a 26 out of 40 like you did, but I just stayed in the course and I did fairly well."

So f*** them and their stupid test, I say. Do what you will. Nobody's looking at things that closely anyway.

Update: Looks like they get you every way you turn:
"The Banner system will not automatically withdraw you from Math 1210 if you do not succesfully complete the pre-test. You must do this on your own. But this is not merely a suggestion! You cannot obtain credit for Math 1210 without passing the pre-test, so if you insist on remaining in the course then you are in for a nasty surprise at the end of term: You will be denied credit, regardless of your grades." (emphases supplied)

I dunno - if I got a 24 or 25, I'd still try to negotiate.
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