William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
William Matheson

Oxford English Dictionary: "pegging"

Today's OED word of the day is "pegging".


Shockingly enough, no mention is made of the heterosexual use of "pegging", where the woman is the penetrative partner by means of a dildo or other such apparatus. (Wikipedia)

Of course, perhaps such usage is covered under "to peg". But I for one think a quotation using "pegging" would have been appropriate here. And this isn't anything new: pegging in this sense has been commonly known as such for most of this decade.

The OED is not the authority for English - nothing is - but they do ostensibly aim to be authoritative, do they not?

Tags: english, language, words
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Well of course it is! Do you not read Savage Love? It was a competition on what to call it!
Yes, I do read Savage Love, but I didn't remember the competition until I looked for uses of the word (but I do remember the competition that resulted in "santorum"). I think it shows how apt the neologism was, given that it's slipped so unobtrusively into common usage - "santorum" was not quite so graceful, or at least it isn't yet: because people still remember the contest the word has a kind of "artificiality", if I'm making any sense here.
Maybe we can have Dan start a new competition to find a funny name to heterosexual sex ;p
I think that's been done. ;-)
has it now?
I'm sure family members will indulge me and pretend they aren't reading this.

I don't know about a contest, but a contest isn't necessary. Just off the top of my head:

making love

umm... huh! I thought I'd be able to come up with more. But still - there are countless names for standard heterosexual intercourse in wide use (some of these terms apply to other predilections as well).
I was thinking along the lines of:
very different

*mental shudder* Time for a cleansing need to listen to some Liza and Judy!


December 23 2009, 09:21:12 UTC 8 years ago

all you have to do is submit the word to OED Inc, with two (is it two?) published examples of the word in use, and you're golden. the OED editors stand by their submissions-based policy as a way to get the world to do a lot of their dirty work for want of time.. :)

OK! I will keep this in mind going forward.


December 23 2009, 11:56:15 UTC 8 years ago

well, it obviously won't be that simple, but there is a fairly straight-forward process out there to follow.