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William Matheson

Letter Grades at Saint Mary's

Okay, let's see what the letter grades here actually mean. I always get frustrated when I get really specific questions about this but can't really remember how the points and percentages line up!

So to solve this frustration, I'll return to / refer to this page when I need to answer that question. You can, too! The URL is http://snipurl.com/smugrades

So here it goes, straight from page 35 of the 2009-2010 Academic Calendar, Undergraduate Programs:

Undergraduate Rating, Grades and Grade Points
Grades Grade Points Percentage Points Rating
A+ 4.30 90-100 Excellent
A 4.00 85-89
A- 3.70 80-84
B+ 3.30 77-79 Good
B 3.00 73-76
B- 2.70 70-72
C+ 2.30 67-69 Satisfactory
C 2.00 63-66
C- 1.70 60-62
D 1.00 50-59 Marginal Pass
F 0.00 0-49 Failure
IP - - (in progress)
AE - Pass Aegrotat
W - - Withdrawal

It's also worth noting that Science majors and Honours require a C or better in all courses required in the subject. So here's hoping none of us get stuck with a C- in General Chemistry I! ;-) (Not that I want to major in chemistry, but I'd like to be able to.)

Happy Holidays,
- Will
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Hmm... I wonder if this particular points system is the kind of system a lot of colleges/universities work from. I'm always seeing people talking about A-, B+, whatever, and never having any clue what GPA/grade that corresponds to. Now I have a better idea. :)
I don't how how accurate the lists in this article are, but they may help.
Oh, yes, I know those grading scales... those are the ones I grew up with. I just never had any grades with minuses or pluses, and I find those very strange.
The college I attended didn't use pluses or minuses, but my wife's school did. I don't really see the point to it.
I think it's a hybrid of the allure of letter grades and the precision of percentage grades.
Probably, but it has the potential to ruin your GPA.


January 4 2010, 02:25:38 UTC 8 years ago

yeah, it'll all come out in the wash.. departmental admins spent half of their fall and early winter converting grades into their own school's system.

I figure the Newfoundland system - and ones like it - reward the good students but penalize the brilliant ones. Like if you get 80s, you get straight As... and also if you get 90s.
That's true. On the other hand, you can always just cite your average to people if you want to look smarter. Average is pretty frequently talked about at my uni, too.
At least, I know the Newfoundland one.