William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
William Matheson

once in a while...

Once in a great while, I "discover" something amazing. This is my energy-drink fuelled gushing to the MasteringPhysics people about a homework question involving tap-taps and spring constants:

This was like the BEST QUESTION EVER!

Not only did the Hatian tap-tap aspect broaden our cultural horizons a little, but I've personally experienced crowded Ukrainian marshrutkas - these must be like Cadillacs compared to these tap-taps.

Also, now I know why my car has a rougher ride when it's packed full of stuff for a road trip! I always suspected something was different, and now I know exactly what was going on!

And a spring constant of nearly 30,000N/m?!?! Holy **** that is some kinda restorative force if you could compress that one like the spring in your ball-point pen!

And the chickens and bananas and the goats - so sublime! Like the famous St. Ives riddle, but with physics! LOVED this question.

OK, I have had an energy drink, which is why I might be slightly over-enthused, but this was a pretty sweet question.

I would link to the question set, but you kinda have to be a member of the class to get at them. Anyway, now I know maybe not to load up my car so much next road trip, or maybe take it super easy on the bumps!
Tags: cars, culture, homework, mechanics, school

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