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well, on second thought...

I've been thinking (dangerous prospect, I know): I really need to stick with my program and finish out this year, even if it's a super struggle and I only manage straight Cs. Why? Because, if I finish, I will be set up to declare a major / honours in any of these (taking courses from my last degree into account):

Computer Science
Geography (as a science)

I mean, holy heck, talk about your options. If instead I just take math and, say, astronomy next semester, I'll royally screw everything up. Now one complicating factor is that I am already about 500 clams short for next semester and I haven't heard anything from SMU student services or my father's industry scholarship people yet. I'll be even more short, because I'm taking my car in for its scheduled maintenance on Friday. But I'll find a way. If I have to shortchange SMU accounts receivable next semester, so be it. I'll be able to pay them eventually.

Now what I want to do next year is actually live on campus. I am going to try to take out the necessary loan and get it done. I should be able to get a senior suite even though I will technically not be an upper-year in a major, just someone doing a second degree... I can say I'm a "GRADUATEd STUDENT" perhaps, and swallow the "d"?

Invariably, I always feel better about this stuff when I'm actually on campus. Everything seems so much more doable than when I'm stuck upstairs in my room, or than the mornings where I have to get up at 5:30am if I want to indulge in such decadencies as having a shower. Ugh. I know why it has to be that way, and I'm not complaining about that, but I really gotta get out. There's really no space for me anymore. I'm not a priority, nor should I be. And living here, I can very easily get the help I may need at any given time, and I can also help others more effectively.

Parking my car here would be expensive, though. It's $500 to park your car under Loyola. I fired off an e-mail to Metro Self-Storage to see if they can give me a quote - I wouldn't be needing the car even so often as every week if I lived here. Sure, I'd have to walk my groceries up from the Queen Street Sobeys, but I need my exercise anyway. I may even sell my car, but I'm already rather attached to it. [OK, forget storage. Their admirably curt reply quotes $216.00 every four weeks, so assuming a 28 week academic year that would be seven times $216... ouch, more than $1500!]

We shall see! I should probably see if anyone I know in the physics department is holding office hours today. It's past time for a serious chat.
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