William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
William Matheson

Toronto and Back

Toronto, Toronto, Toronto. Was fine! It really got going on the weekend – before that I kind of had to make my own fun. Catherine’s apartment is looking better by the day. She’s got a good eye for decoration. I think if it were me I would have stopped after the computer and the bed.

I got to see some friends and relatives that I hadn’t seen in a long time – that was really the whole point of going up, as far as I was concerned, though I more or less enjoyed driving the U-Haul. Call that a fringe benefit. But once the gas receipts were tallied up and my share apportioned, it became apparent that if I cared about economy, I really should have flown both ways! Heh! So much for saving money. It became an expensive trip, but I think it was worth it.

Flying back was alright. The Porter experience actually made air travel tolerable. The Ex was on, so getting to the airport took longer than it otherwise might. I also should have taken advantage of the opportunity to check-in on the Toronto side of the channel – I didn’t see the counters until I was in line to board the ferry. That was backed up and slow, too – probably also because of the Ex and the air show. I also didn’t like having to carry my own checked bags to security and have them put through. I kind of feel like screening checked bags is something I shouldn’t have to do. I’m checking them because I don’t want to have to handle them! But most people flying Porter aren’t checking any bags at all, so for a lot of people it makes no difference.

The plane was nice, too. The in-flight mag mentioned that they put 70 seats in their Q400s (basically ultramodern Dash 8s) instead of 78, and I can tell you that makes a difference. It’s to the point where, price being equal, I would prefer flying this way with two-segments (we landed in Ottawa) over a single-segment flight with less comfortable seats. I’m 6'2" and for once my knees weren’t up against the seat in front of me. It was one of the most comfortable trips I’ve ever had – well, not as nice as driving my car on a clear day, but still pretty good. The snacks were good too, but the vegetable chips were just a little too weird and the beer was kind of meh but I had an entire 500ml can of it, so I’m not complaining.

I also liked how they interviewed a ferry crewman and a ramp supervisor in the magazines I read. Not only were the stories fascinating to someone like me who’s an armchair aerospace geek, but the stories must do wonders for the morale of the blue-collar workers in the company. Everybody seems confident with their importance and wants to continue to do their job well. They’re also really friendly.

I slept in until 1 this afternoon, but I eventually got my act together and took my car out for a spin tonight. Oh! I even got my personalized plates in the mail! I’ve got to go to Access NS tomorrow and get them to take the old plate back and swap the sticker. [Update: Done, pictures.] I also put gas in the car – only took $25 since Souris, so that wasn’t bad, and took her through the car wash and boy did she need it. I read that insects and such are actually more attracted to white cars since they reflect more UV. So it’s not just that you can see the crap more readily – there’s actually more of it. I never would have noticed any of this until I had the experience of owning a white car, so what can I say? Actually, not that I want to use weasel words, but some folks are saying it’s the reflectivity, not the color. There are opinions galore on this topic, with forums filled with frustrated car owners. Memo to self: Invest in a garage when I build my house.

Doing alright for textbooks! My pal Elie hooked me up with some second-year stuff I can hang onto, and I’m getting my calculus and chemistry books tomorrow from someone I found through SMUSA’s book exchange. I actually went onto campus earlier this evening, thinking everything would be open extended hours because it was the day before class – nay, everything closed earlier. Like the library closed at five. The heck? So I’ve got to get up early and get going tomorrow if I don’t want to be standing in line all day. I’ll definitely be bringing my MP3 player.

My very first class will be Astronomy, at 10:00. I feel happy about that.
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