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As everyone probably knows, I'm in Toronto! Am flying out on the 7th and school starts on the 9th. I have about a quarter-hour to kill on this cybercafe workstation until my time expires. I needed to come in here to find things like an honest-to-goodness Superstore near a rapid transit station (looks like it'll be the one near Scarborough Town Centre for me - I've never been on the Scarborough RT before and look forward to seeing it), a convenient library (St. James Town branch is handy my cousin's new apt., and they have workstations and wi-fi)...

I mean, last night I was tasked with finding a nearby pizza place out of the Yellow Pages and it was like going back to the Stone Age. No Google Map, just trial and error checking addresses against the street map in the book, and sometimes also having to find the streets from the index. We found a good place, though: The Big Slice on Yonge between Dundas and Carlton. HUGE by-the-slices (though we were ordering a take-away, it was still something to see), friendly guys behind the counter, good prices.

But I also found cool stuff like ... well, you can get falafel everywhere, and I need to go someplace where you can get good falafel just so I can relive the experience Shelley and I had with a Turkish street vendor in Odessa. Mmmmmmm.

And there are so many open, friendly people! It's like what people say small towns are like (and if you don't live in said town that can sometimes be overrated), only with a zillion people and more visible homelessness issues. When people have something to say, they say it. Everybody talks to me like I'm their best friend. I guess by Toronto standards I'm approchable? I find it funny but also sensible that my new ways are working better here than in smaller, more parochial centres.

But I gotta be honest: I'm a rube. I even audibly exclaimed to Colin: "Oh! A black squirrel!" (Because in Halifax our squirrels are brown.) And as soon as I said it I realized that everyone within earshot would know I was an out-of-towner. Most of the time that is OK, but I know from experiences in Kiev and Tokyo that there are people in large cities who specialize in taking out-of-towners for a ride.

Anyway, my two hours are up! Had a lot of moles to whack this time. Catch you later!
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