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OMG phone

Weirdness. Someone just called me, but I can't find out who. I think it was a wrong number. I kept getting asked if I was an interviewer. By "asked," I mean light-speed questions accompanied by stress-laden incredulity. I was not. Then the call ended.

"We did not find a listing for the phone number you entered. The phone number (720) 587-9978 is a Denver, CO based phone number and the registered carrier is AT&T Local. Additional information for this number is not available. Please read our Search Tips below for more information."

Weird. I had a thought that a certain LJ Friend from a place I will call "Gold at last!" was calling, but this female voice was too incoherent to belong to someone so overtly intelligent.

I can't wait until the owner of that phone number looks it up on the internet. Yep! I'm the guy you called!

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