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I've now uploaded the last of my PEI photos from this summer - you can see the sets at the bottom of this year's collection. I took everything with my newer SX10 IS camera - the image stabilization and 20x optical zoom are handy, to say the least. I could take good photos with the old A300, and I still carry it in my backpack for surprises, but it's much easier to take good photos with the new one. Much less sneaker-zooming, for starters.

My car's doing fine - I appreciate it more with the passage of time. Apparently I was lucky to get this particular car in such shape. Production numbers of my model dwindled every year until hitting a paltry 35,267 in 1997.

Last night I was clicking around and I was shocked to find videos! MotorWeek road tests the first V8 MN12 Cougars and Thunderbirds (introduced in 1991, they also test the next revisions in 1994). There are also a plethora of vintage ads - my favourite so far is this one from Mexico. There's definitely quite a bit of "Ha! As if!" humour in it.

Finally, if you love trash, do watch this classic. Sesame Street can just be so sublime with just a hint of twistedness sometimes. Then there's the well-known phenomenon of the Sesame Street dub, including this favorite with Ernie and Bert synced to "Ante Up". Try it with the lyrics!
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