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give my regrets to Craig...

If any fellow SMUdents are reading this, I am giving my regrets to Craig MacDonald's costume party this Saturday. Between the cost of actually going (which isn't very much) and the cost of renting a decent costume (which really is very much), I can't afford to considering that I have to buy new sneakers, pay a sitting fee for my grad photo... and I'm still reeling from my textbook and grad ring purchases, so I need to save every cent I possibly can. Sorry. What really sucks is that this is an event for charity, so they're missing out too, in a way.

It's not the end of the world; Kathleen is hosting a semi-formal in February, which should be good - and I already own a suit. =) Yes, it's the same suit I've worn to many dozens upon dozens of job interviews over the past year, getting turned down at every appearance. I heard that I could have got the Ultramar job (I even noticed a "Cool!" written on my résumé), were it not for the fact I was associated with my friend Evan who was working there at the time, who was eventually fired.

The 2004 Canadian Idol competition once again lands in this city on February 23rd. That may mean I'll miss my 12:30 - 1:20 Geographic Information Systems lecture. Oh well. =)

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