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Kingswood and Kenwood

1. My palette Kiersten and I headed up to Kingswood today to check out the Blue Mountain trail. Pictures!

2. Getting a new stereo for my car tomorrow morning - actually an Alpine, but I love the alliteration. The insipid Ford factory AM/FM cassette just wasn't going to cut it long term. Yeah, there are tape adapters and FM transmitters if you still want your MP3s, but I have a lot of experience with both and frankly I'm sick of fiddling with them. This unit has a CD player (a must for me - I often listen to real CDs since they're lossless), an aux in - no iPod control, but I don't even own an iPod. Actually, I don't want to have something dangling from the unit all the time, so the aux in is probably going to be more for the benefit of my passengers - for my part, I'll burn more custom MP3 CDs as time goes on. When a passenger wants to listen to their iPod or other MP3 player, or I want to listen to a podcast or something, then I'll use the aux in. A neat little JVC mini-to-mini cable I picked up in Japan sits in the glove compartment, ready to go. (Such adapters are also readily available here, but they tend to be simultaneously lower-quality and more expensive. Here if you pay less than $15 for an adapter or cable, it's basically dollar-store quality.) Alpine's also a Japanese maker of car audio equipment, so that's an encouraging sign. The only thing I'm missing is a big rear-drive car from Japan - unfortunately, those are mostly Lexus-branded and a bit out of my price range! ;-)

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