William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
William Matheson

plans (some would say dreams)

People often ask me what my long-term plans are - what I'll do after I get my B.Sc.

Well, if I don't write the Great Canadian Novel (I spend so little time writing that this isn't something I'm really betting on), there's always grad school. I can hear you groaning from here. You've got good reason - see: MLIS, Dalhousie, or worse: MBA, Saint Mary's). As if all that wasn't bad enough, it's just as competitive: you've got students falling over each other for the chance to go deeper into debt. And at the end, there's no guarantee of anything (well, there are no guarantees in life) - you finish the MLIS and get a job as a shelving clerk and you sink or swim just as if you'd gone into the library system straight out of high school. You succeed based on merit, not your degree (alone).

And that sounds like things as they should be, except for the tens of thousands spent getting that degree. I'm the one to talk: I have an English degree that was necessary for but of little relevance to the year I spent teaching in Japan. The degree is just a symbol. In and of itself, it's meaningless.

Anyway, science grad school is a whole different ball game. You're really kind of employed by the host university and you're compensated accordingly. What's the catch? Oh, hush, there's no catch... Yikes! How many do they admit? Four to eight!? I'm going to write the numbers in words and embolden them just so they take up more real estate and seem like more!

Okay, talking about this before I even begin my science undergraduate career is more than putting the cart before the horse - it's more like putting the horse out before the road is built.

Still, it's fun to imagine what might be if I keep my nose to the grindstone (in other words, if I remain interested).

(Embarrassingly, I'm still getting mail about that chemistry registration business. I must have caused quite a stir, and it's being spread out because not everybody is in the office on any given day during the summer. I regret starting off by pleading and then complaining - I should have taken the constructive action first, then the whole mess would have been avoided.)
Tags: astronomy, chemistry, grad school, plans, saint mary's

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