William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
William Matheson

Next Year I'm Going Camping

Learned something new tonight: Never try to host a house party on a summer holiday weekend. I'm like "party!" and other people are like "leaving town! camping!"

Which is great, actually. I just wish I'd gone with them! What happened was this was the weekend between the end of my physics course and the weekend of my high school reunion. So I was like, "OK, party here" three weeks ago, without flipping the page of the calendar and seeing "Natal Day (NS)." As a perpetual student, I'm barely aware that an August holiday even exists, unless we're talking Obon. It's not like everybody left town, but the people who haven't left are almost by definition the ones who are working, often early in the morning.

Anyway, there'll be other times to go camping, and there'll be other parties. It's just funny that I've become the sterotypical nerd that hosted a party that no one came to.

My physics exam yesterday went OK - I'm anxious to see the grade! I should have gotten into this years and years ago. It's almost like all I really needed to do was seize control of my own life, and now I'm going somewhere - I don't know where the road goes, and I'll never reach the end of it, but at least I'm going somewhere.

"Did you know you can't steer a boat that isn't moving? Just like a life." - Paul Lutus

Alright! Just got a call to go join another "party." So this evening wasn't a loss after all, and I got the house cleaned up. ;-)
Tags: camping, holidays, parties

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