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one way or another!

Dear [redacted],

I appreciate your advice. Were circumstances different I would be far more patient. I'm 27 years old already and this is basically my only shot at living the life I wanted to live. I was harassed and ridiculed all through grade school, came to resent school, and missed out on the math and science that I should have been concentrating on. I taught English in Japan last year and lived like an animal so that I could afford this. I'm sure you see that this is too important to me to leave up to chance.

If I were to take CHEM1011 at Mount Saint Vincent (there it is also called "General Chemistry I"), would that be an acceptable substitute for CHEM1210 at Saint Mary's? The course descriptions are here:


I cannot presently access their WebAdvisor system to see if there's even a suitable time, but I will explore this option later in the week.

When I first read your response, I was frustrated because I know for a fact that classes have been overloaded in SB255 before. I'll cite a case: [redacted]. That was a long time ago, but if it wasn't a problem then, I wonder why it is a problem now. I even felt like you really didn't want to help me, although on a more careful reading of your e-mail I realized that I was mistaken in this. Perhaps you are right, perhaps nothing can be done, but having seen this done in the past, you'll understand that I was more than a little incredulous.

Best Regards,
- William Matheson

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