William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
William Matheson

"Interesting" car ads...

Although this 2007-08 edition of Lemon-Aid I'm reading says that the Internet is the worst place to look for cars, that's probably changed - in 2009, the Internet is virtually the only place to do anything, ever.

So I'm browsing Kijiji, and there are a few eye-openers... some obvious "curbsiders," like one car I saw last night that had a conspicuous gap around the panel in the middle of the steering wheel. It looked like the airbag had been deployed, and the "repair" was hasty and DIY.

There was also that Acura I was looking at - that ad's gone, and the clock's ticking on the ones I'm going to link to for your amusement, so get 'em while they're hot.

A Hyundai Accent, in desperate need of hubcaps, with a tacked-on Subaru hood badge. But these cars in general are pretty OK if you don't mind seeing yourself everywhere you go.

A $2,900 Smart Car. I shit you not. Can't be older than 2004, as that was the year they came to Canada. These cars used to have waiting lists in this country. (Guess that was a hot buy - that ad's gone, too.)

$600 MX-6 with "low kilimoters" and recently replaced "breaks and struts." Evidently used to commute to classes in a faculty of commerce.

A good looking MX-3, but the seller is saying "No test piolets!" [sic] If you can't take a car for a test drive (not to mention an inspection by a trusted mechanic), that's a huge red flag.

Digression: Mazdas of these kinds are reportedly good buys. I'd actually shortlist a good specimen from a legit seller.


A bare-bones Civic, in confusing, frustrating montage. (There must be an image limit on Kijiji or something.)

A 1997 2-door Civic, beautiful red but there's a ghastly scratch on the back bumper and scuffs on the front. Nothing that can't be easily fixed, but it makes you wonder... Also, I didn't know Dartmouth had a "RIGHT AVE."

Two '96 Civics (one black, one yellow) being sold at the same address. Neither are safety inspected, and you save $300 if you buy before the weekend. Suspicious, to say the least. Always mistrust people who are rushing you.

What's the point in havin' a Honda if you can't show the H? ;-)

You get tired of looking after a while, and I think I'll call it a night now. I've been looking seriously at Mercury Cougars of the 89-97 era and will be making some calls tomorrow. Nobody wants these big rear-drive cars anymore... but I do! Cons: Mediocre handling, poor gas mileage. Pros: Well-appointed, easy to get parts, easy to fix, inexpensive to buy, retro-looking... I dunno, call me crazy, but I have a soft spot for these cars. I mean, I was actually comparing different Grand Marquis. Also, there's a wonderfully corny song.

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