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I'm beyond suspicious. The guy said he'd phone me at 1:30 and now it's after 4. His number came up "Restricted" on my phone, so I can't call him back. His e-mail alias is "acurarules." It's probably not even my call anymore to say I'll pass on this one - he passed over me. Guess he had someone who was able to go see him right that second. Sheesh.

Also, some other dude stood me up earlier this week on an apartment viewing. I came ten minutes early, and waited ten minutes past the appointed time. I rang the doorbell. He had my cell phone number. Nothing. The only positive thing to come out of it was running into JuJu, who called me from his car, wondering what I was doing standing nonchalantly on the sidewalk in his neighbourhood. Anyway, I didn't like the looks of the place, and it made me realize that 1) I wasn't going to spend money on a situation I wasn't in love with and 2) having few friends outside of what Sarah called the "Parent's Basement's Club," I'm not likely to happen upon a good situation right when I need it.

When someone puts up a posting that's appealing, be it for transportation or lodging, hundreds of people reply. Yet I think cars are easier to get than places to live. There are just so, so many cars out there - and it doesn't matter where they are, because they can move. Apartments can't.

Man, there are just so many shysters out there, though!

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