William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
William Matheson

SMU, car?

At SMU. Right now they're going digging for my high school transcript, which is reportedly on microfilm. Oh, man, this could potentially be embarassing. They're looking for one more science - I have my Biology 12 from Mr. Burke's class in 1999, but I don't think I exactly shot the lights out. I'm pretty sure the score was sub-70. But if I were to take it today, I would do better, and I hope my 93 / 83 chemistry / precal grades reflect this. I suppose the worst that could happen is that I won't be able to get "in" for another two weeks, when my phsyics mark will be ready. And yay I got a 94 on the second assignment - I'm on my way to posting a good score here. I'm just hoping not to embarass myself too much this fall when my buddy Elie will probably be marking my labs.

I can just see that girl from admissions now. "How on Earth could somebody get an eight in Math 10?"

Got a call from the guy selling the 1999 Acura EL. $3,000, but I don't yet know how many kms are on it. Going to see it sometime this afternoon. I'd like to at least take it to a mechanic I know and give it a once-over. If it checks out, I want this car - it's a good value, well-appointed, gets good gas-mileage, and doesn't cost a fortune to insure (something like $7-900 bucks a year for me).

One thing though is that this guy wants to sell this car quickly. (Alarm bells.) He says the reason is that he's getting a new Acura straight away. I guess he figured he'd do better selling himself than passing it off to the dealer - I hear that a lot of people do, unless we're talking absolute junkers, in which case the oft-promulgated "push, pull, or drag it in" would work out in the new-car-buyer's favor. But if he pressures me to do something today, I think that'll have to kill the potential deal. Any reasonable seller would allow me to have another set of eyes check the rig out before I buy it. I hope that I'm worrying too much, but with stuff like this you really can't be too careful! Hopefully he'll understand that it's my first car purchase, and he'll be patient with me.

Update: She did warn me that she'd be going for lunch from 1-2, which is fine, unfortunately the guy filling in for her during this time is useless. He's basically like, "Well, gee, sorry, I can't help you." Well, if I've waited this long, I can wait another 40 minutes. It just cheezes me that this guy was completely clueless and had no idea how or if he could pick up where she left off.
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