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Dreamsploitation at St. Matthew's

Going to be going to see Chuck Blazevic perform at St. Matthew's on Friday night. Show starts at 8. It's the stone church that's practically in front of the Maritime Centre (at the downtown terminus of Spring Garden Road, at Barrington) - you can't miss it!

Now, if I ever make another movie, you can bet good money that I'll be asking this guy if he can score it. His music is the bomb. It evokes your feelings and makes you think. I listened to his album like a zillion trillion times when I was in Japan - I played it for a friend from Australia, and she loved it, too.

He has his own website, but he's on last.fm, too, where you can listen to tracks from his album (these two are my favourites among favourites).

Usually I would invite specific people to come out to this with me, but as part of the Atlantic Jazz Festival, it's a little bit pricey. It's worth it, but it's an event-thing, not a hang-out-thing. $25 at the door, basically. (If you're both a member of the festival and a student, you can whittle it down a bit. You can also get tickets from an outlet and pay service charges. Since the church is reasonably big, I reckon it'll accommodate everyone who wants to go, though I could be wrong, so I'm just going to come early and pay at the door. Show's at 8, I'll come to the front at 7 and wait.)

So I'm just gonna toss it out there - I'm going, and if any y'all want to make an outing of it, I'm game. See ya there!

Note: There's a Thursday show, too, but I think I'll go to the Friday show myself.
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