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Jackets in the apple tree

While I was snoozing on my cousin's couch in the wee hours, interesting things were happening back here. As you probably know, my street has become a detour on the Hammonds Plains Road, and so all the traffic in and out of my part of Bedford is rolling through our street for the summer.

So some young adults were stuffed in a car last night and... well, you can see evidence of their presence even out by the overpass, where there are tire marks everywhere, as if they were doing donuts right in the road.

On our street, they caroomed off a corner and smashed into an old apple tree. The car got it worse than the apple tree. As we pulled into the driveway early this afternoon, we saw two coats still hanging in said tree. The car had been towed away.

It went down such that the car hit the tree, it woke my stepgrandparents up, and they looked out to see four guys running for the hills. Perhaps they were drunk? The police said the car wasn't stolen, so perhaps they were trying to avoid the breathalyzer. Too bad leaving the scene of an accident is also a crime! ;-)

But the epic fail doesn't end there. While the police were investigating, the construction folks shifted the pylons out on the main road and thereby changed the layout of the entrance to the detour. The cops left the scene of the accident and promptly front-ended a vehicle. LOL.

Later today they came by and watched the road really carefully, and were probably ready to ticket some speeders. Mom said there'd be an accident on our street, and unfortunately she was right.
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