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I say libraries...

I'm taking a break from my physics assignment. I'll tell you why in a minute.

I had to pack up all of my things and come downstairs to write this. All the "recent-thefts" warnings discouraged me from leaving my things where they were. It's annoying when you just want to grab a snack or drink or look something up.

I don't own a netbook computer yet, and since laptops are too heavy to carry around every day, I just have my DSi. And it would be perfect for checking e-mail or making quick little factchecks, except for one thing: it lacks WPA2-PEAP support. Basically I can specify a "key," but not a separate username and password. I'm effectively locked out of the SMU wi-fi network until 1) Nintendo releases a system update or 2) I get a netbook computer. I suppose I could also get an iPhone or Blackberry - they'd theoretically be able to connect, but I'd really rather have the netbook. I'm waiting until Dell releases the 2GB version of the Mini 10 or 10v (both later this summer, I'm hearing), and then I'll be all over it. (Neither 2GB unit will have XP - only Vista or Linux. This is because of Microsoft's galling requirement that XP only be sold preinstalled on computers that ship with 1GB of RAM or less.)

Now, one could get the Mini 9 with Linux and 2GB, but its keyboard was just ever-so-slightly too small, and it's a moot point now because it's been discontinued. I could purchase a Mini 10 with Linux now, take apart the system and substitute a 2GB wafer for the existing 1GB, but that requires a deft hand and throwing out a perfectly good 1GB wafer. Since I should be able to buy the system the way I want it, I'm going to wait!

Anyway, I suppose it's a "good thing" I had to come down and use a workstation, because a post like this would be extremely tedious on a DSi. On the other hand, I would have had nothing to complain about, and I'd have cut directly to the joke:

* * *

I met a buddy of mine at Dal today to give him a game I purchased on his behalf:

- I'll be by campus shortly after 12 noon. Thanks again!
- Can i trouble vou to meet me at dal?
- Sure. Time?
- Library 1215?

So I'm standing in front of the library, and I get a phone call! Where am I at? Well, the library of cour-

Ha-ha! Turns out, because he was a law student, his natural inclination was to go to the Law Library, not the more widely known Killam Library. You know, where we lowly undergrads go for our library needs. ;-)

Since I'm reading Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, I've had the actual P&P on the brain, and just now I was thinking about how Mr. Collins would behave if he were a denizen of Saint Mary's:

"Yes, we have a fine Library, though it is nothing to the Libraries at Dalhousie - I say Libraries, for they have several - each fine in its own way, though my favorite is the Sexton Design & Technology Library..."
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