William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
William Matheson

cell phone FYI

Now that my prepaid balance (built up when I was in Japan and topped off month to month since then) has finally been exhausted, I've gone back to postpaid (mercifully without a contract). This means I now have:

- Unlimited texting. (I believe it was 15¢ per text while on prepaid. I built up a Twitter habit anyway. Now I'll be Twittering like crazy.)
- Unlimited nights and weekends starting at 9pm. (A tad late, but back in the day I found I didn't use the early n/w as much as I thought I would. More to the point, I rarely exceed my regular allotment of minutes anyway.)
- 200 daytime minutes per month. (On prepaid I paid 25¢ per minute at any time.)
- 10-message voicemail. (On prepaid I could only carry 3 messages at a time - although that was pretty much always enough.)
- And, for this month only, unlimited local calls. So for the rest of July all y'all can call me in the broad daylight of weekdays and not worry about my minutes. You're welcome, you're welcome, no, thank you. Please. You're very welcome. Ha-ha, stop it!

And, as always, the number is 877-WILL. ;-)
Tags: cell phone, phone, plans

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