William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
William Matheson


I'm excited; Dexter is a country/city boy like me, and Steele is a Rhodes Scholar and will probably have one of the most engaging personalities in the new government.

Interestingly, CBC had former PC Health minister Jane Purves on with Parker Donham. Retiring anchor Jim Nunn asked them about what the new government ought to do with regards to the civil service. Surprisingly, both Purves and Donham advocated swift and severe house-cleaning. Purves reported that Hamm's crew took a too-nice approach and later regretted it. Interesting...

Don't shed too many tears for those who will not survive the transition; I imagine most of our top-echelon civil servants are not scrambling to find the money for next-month's rent. They'll find new jobs and probably won't really have to actively look. There ought to be some churn with those kinds of jobs anyway.

An anon. Liberal to a PC staffer: "I hope the NDP wins a majority, because neither of us want to prop them up."

Also, I propose we try to limit the use of "new government" even as I'm typing the words. The CPC were branding themselves "Canada's New Government" as late as the end of 2007. After six months, can it!

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