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it's that ti*M**E* again, *M*ay the fun b*E*gin!

F I R S T S:

First best male friend: David Loper
First best female friend: Brandy MacClure
First car: Don't own one, and never did, but I first learned to drive a lot with my Aunt Shirley's 1998 Toyota Corolla.
First date: June 2002, with Jen Hartling. Unless you count the Prom in '99 with Zoë Bigio. Jen says the Prom doesn't count. I say Jen doesn't count. =)
First real kiss: See first part of above answer. OMG woah.
First break-up: See first part of above answer. OMG thank god.
First Self purchased album: Alanis Morissette, Jagged Little Pill
First funeral: My aunt-by-marriage's father. This was in Sherbrooke. (Edit: This used to say, "Hughey Grant Jr. A year and a half ago," leftover from this meme's previous owner. I didn't go to that funeral, but I miss the guy, and so does everybody else.)
First pet: Not mine, but I remember a great dog named Jake from childhood. Half German Shepherd, half Border Collie. So he was random-bred from some purebreds - but he was an AWESOME dog. Smart, too.
First piercing/tattoo: You're joking.
First credit card: My MBNA Canada MasterCard, in Fall 2002. After applying hither and yon, I got this one through a phone call. So that's my advice; wait for the phone call. Then when you get that first card, the rest come easily.
First true love: Jena Banks. I think. I'll go with Vince on the not knowing much about love.
First enemy: Mark Livingston. God, I haven't thought about him in ten years. But I wouldn't call him an enemy now; he was just one of the first people who made an occupation out of making fun of me. Anyway, I hope he turned out okay.
First musician you remember hearing in your house: This is why I wanted to answer the question. My first musical memories are of Huey Lewis and the News' Fore! OMG they're still going!! (This one question inspired me to complete the meme.)

L A S T S:

Last cigarette: I've never smoked a tobacco cig; my last joint was ... well, I'll keep it to myself.
Last car ride: Late-ish last night; Ryan took me home from Devin's place.
Last good cry: A while ago. My last tears were... well, I'll keep it to myself. OMG screened post alert
Last library book checked out: Calculating God, by Robert J. Sawyer. It's set in Toronto! (I've checked out material such as books on tape and VHS movies since then, of course. That was last December.)
Last movie seen: Bananas, by Woddy Allen.
Last beverage drank: President's Choice Green Apple. (One of their two new sodas. The other is New Wave Cola, which is a knock-off of Pepsi-Cola as opposed to Coca-Cola. New Wave is fine when you get used to it. Green Apple is not so very tasty and should be avoided. Amusingly, they also have Diet New Wave and Diet Green Apple, neither of which I've tried, and I probably never will. I don't have anything too against Diet Colas or aspartame, but I do have something against my mother yelling, "It causes cancer in rats!" up the stairs at me.)
Last food consumed: It was like chicken and vegetables or something, with some kind of sauce. Tasty.
Last crush: OMG screened post alert 100x!!!
Last phone call: I've been answering the phone for my mother all day. My last outoing call was to make an appointment for a TB skin test. My last incoming call was probably Scott Cluney, checking with me one last time before getting on the bus to Ryan's.
Last time showered: Early yesterday evening.
Last CD played: Sigur Rós - Ágætis byrjun
Last annoyance: Spam.
Last disappointment: OMG screened post here 1000x
Last time wanting to die: OMG sc- you get the idea.
Last shirt worn: Blue Reebok t-shirt.
Last thing you said: "That 'Earth Angel' song was his best." To my mother, of a person she just had in our house to sing with her.

F U T U R E:

Where do you want to go?: Toronto.
Your career going to be?: I don't know.
Going to live?: I don't know.
Do you want any kids?: Yes.

C U R R E N T S:

Current mood: Content, but I've been spending too much time on shit like this all day.
Current taste: Stuff from my food.
Current clothes: Er... Reebok t-shirt (OMG embarassing), jean shorts, socks.
Current longing: To get finished with this shit and let Paul get on the computer.
Current favorite artist: They Might Be Giants
Current book you're reading: Hamlet (a "book," not a "novel")
Current time-wasting wish: I need to be doing my laundry, or at least sorting it
Current Crush: OMG OMG OMG screened post here 10000000x

W H A T S:

What's in your CD player?: Nothing.
What color socks are you wearing?: Grey.
What color of underwear are you wearing: Beige.
What's under your bed?: LOTS.
What time did you wake up today?: Wake? Maybe like 9 or so. Get up? After 10:30.

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