William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
William Matheson

Paul and Pop Culture

So it's my nephew Nathaniel's fifth birthday tomorrow, and my stepfather (his grandfather) is in talks with his daughter about what to get him. He says to me:

"Angie said he likes Star Trek, or Star Wars, or something... I can't remember what."

"Probably Star Wars." Most preschoolers aren't really into Star Trek - I remember resenting my foster brother for watching the original series on CBC Saturday afternoons when I wanted to watch something else.

"Is it still on TV?"

I laugh. "It's a cinematic franchise. There are TV spin-offs, but it's based on films. They've stopped making films for now, but they put out a spin-off film last year."

Later we're getting into the van. We sat there for half an hour with the "light edition" of the Yellow Pages, calling all manner of department stores in search of Star Wars-themed bedsheets.

"Angie says he already has a Dark Vater mask and a night-stick."

We were unsuccessful, but we ended up getting a Star Wars Lego set at the Bedford Wal-Mart. Just about everything was Clone Wars-era themed, but even among that we still got a decent set that had a Jedi starfighter, a Droid fighter, Jedi warrior, astromech unit, buzz droids - the whole nine yards.

Nathaniel's a pretty lucky grandson if you ask me! ;-)

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