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Chemistry Midterm / Dinner at Co.'s

Well, I had my chemistry midterm tonight. I've been telling everybody who cares to hear that I think I rocked it. Now, I dunno what to compare it to. This course can be summed up as: "Grade 11 and Grade 12 chemistry in eight weeks." I'd never before taken chemistry.

It was a two hour exam, but we were given three hours. I needed ninety minutes. I dunno, I just kinda... knew the stuff. I only had to guess two or three times, so I should crack 90%.

So there I am, getting up with my papers (checked over), the room's still jam-packed - I'm probably the first one leaving, and I have to be careful about how I'm carrying myself so as not to be all like, "Nyah nyah lookit me" kinda thing. 'Cause I'm not really about that, and besides which the fact that I'm doing something well at 27 that I should have done at 15 is really nothing to brag about!

But lo! Another person is finishing, too! And I walk out of the room just behind her, and once we're safely around the corner, I ask her what she thought of it all.

"Oh... it was terrible! I didn't even do anything on the last page!"

Uh-oh. What do I say here?

"Uh, yeah, there were some parts that you kind of had to guess on - it's pretty solid, but it's not perfect." I said something like that, I'm not sure of the exact wording.

"Yeah, I've taken chemistry three times and I just can't get it!"

Oh, man. =) So hey, as bad as things are for me, they could be worse! I could be a poor girl who just wants to be a dental assistant but can't pass chemistry (well, let's hope otherwise).

Really, though, isn't that a kind of thing that people can learn to do by doing? Yeah, maybe you want to know why strontium chloride forms a protective coating over your exposed dentin to reduce tooth hypersensitivity, but do you really need to know the ins and outs? It's not like you need to be a mechanic to drive a car, you know what I'm saying? Of course, since dental assistants and hygienists are doing so much more of the routine work in many dental offices these days, with the actual dentist stepping in less and less, you could make a case that they do need to know this stuff. BUT THEN WHY DON'T WE JUST TRAIN THEM ALL AS DENTISTS? It's like we're actually trying to perpetuate classism. God forbid more people who work with teeth would end up getting to drive those Mercedes. </glib rant>

So yeah, we both leave early, but for very different reasons.

I grabbed a #1 bus and rolled up towards Co.'s neck of the woods. Got to chat with lots of friends, relatives, and new friends at a fun post-wedding-rehearsal gathering. And tomorrow is the big day! Note to everyone: It's at 4PM. =) Honestly, if C. hadn't reminded me as her folks were leaving, I would have schlepped into town at like 6, because that feels like dinnertime, and there's going to be a dinner. LOGIC! But yes, weddings happen at specific times. This is not Hawaii! =)

Oh, yes, and I must charge my camera batteries!
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