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Fever and Autism

I heard about this on this weekend's episode of Quirks and Quarks: segment / complete show

It's very interesting. I no longer label myself in this way, but I have to admit that the feverish moments I spent, say, in Ukraine and Poland, were accompanied by an astonishing mental clarity and a lot of "A-ha!" moments. Perhaps I had the luxury of time to think, but it's interesting to think that the different parts of my brain may have been in better-than-usual rapport with one another. Also, as the theory goes, if there are people who can function more normally during a fever, the brain must have had the capacity all along - there are just some parts that are usually latent.

Part of me is also vindicated that there's now some tangible physiological thing that could be going on with this. People are always like, "It's all in your head," or "You're not even trying," - and sometimes they're right! And the thought that, even with a cure, I would just suddenly "get" everything and be perfect is ridiculous. But sometimes it just feels like people perceive that I should be doing something or saying something that I would never think of, and I'm dismissed as "selfish" or whatever. Not that I'm looking for an excuse, and I suppose this doesn't really change anything for me personally, but it's just nice to know that this whole business isn't some lame self-destructive theatrical thing I've cooked up for myself. That said, I can do pretty much anything that neurotypicals can do, I just have to overcome a bit more. This is why I don't go around brandishing a label.


Scientists propose new theory of Autism (from Shrink Rap, a psychology blog)
The Sometimes Son - fever may temporarily cure autism (Humanist, January 1999)
Tags: autism, illness, psychology

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