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DSi, 89

Ah, bliss! After chemistry was over tonight I went down to Wal-Mart and got the proper screen protectors for my DSi. I had to buy it in a kit with two more styluses and a clear shell for the system. (That shell is useful, but I wouldn't call it a "protective travel case," as that implies something that can be closed. If I'd known it wouldn't obsolete my purchase of the system wallet, I would have bought it on Tuesday. Another thing: It says it includes four screen protectors, but it really only comes with two.)

Now I realize the generic screen protectors would have worked - I think I missed pulling off one of the layers! Anyway, these ones don't have to be cut to size - they already fit perfectly, and they're much easier to apply. And now I can tap away at Personal Trainer: Math without having to worry! Of course, the game did guilt me about not having shown up for a while. I'm sorry, virtual sensei, I would have scratched the crap out of my screen! =)

I did pretty well with the 89 bus tonight - I got to Lacewood early and got the 42 to Dalhousie, and I came up to Lacewood on the 52 thinking I'd have to wait nearly an hour, only to see the 89 waiting for it. I spoke to the driver, and he feels a bit awkward arriving early and staying late, but it sure helped me out and it helps him stay on schedule along the route without having to take long layovers. He said they drive people crazy, and I quite agree. People would rather be moving, even if it's slow going.

Apparently RIM is providing their employees with a shuttle to and from the 80 in Mill Cove. Pretty cool, eh? This is just while the road between RIM and the Ben's bakery garage is being finished, then the 89 will drive right by their door. Then there'll be more people using the route, and I'll be less nervous about it being discontinued. I was the only one on the bus from Parkland Drive on. As cool as it is to feel like I have my own bus, they're a tad expensive to be running empty! The driver was pretty optimistic about the future of the route, though - he told me he sees new people on it every day. He thinks it'll pick up over the summer when people start using it to go down to Bayer's Lake.
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