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DSi Day

So guess what? I'm posting this from my new DSi! Boy, has it ever got a case of the cutes. Typing with a stylus is a bit laborious, but it's not so bad, I guess. I really bought this just to play Final Fantasy III, but I also got Mario Kart DS and a math game. And just now I'm discovering that I could have downloaded a title from the DS shop with similar functionality, basically for free with the DS points you get for registering and linking your DS to a Club Nintendo account. Ha-ha! Well, I'd better put this thing away soon and make some calls. Catch you all later! Hey, now I'm handwriting, but that took forever and was buggy, so I went back to the on-screen keyboard.

Edit, from my PC: I forgot to add that I paid for most of it with PC points. A fellow at an Atlantic Superstore in the area held it behind the counter for me since Thursday, so I could buy it on Sunday without worries. But it looks like with this launch there are more than enough units to meet demand - it's not at all like the Wii launch and the perpetual shortages associated with that.

I played Mario Kart DS, and I like it so far - I didn't like Double Dash at all, but DS is a nice throwback to the relative simplicity of the 64 version. But yeah, TIME TO DO PRODUCTIVE THINGS THERE WILL
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