William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
William Matheson

Arf Arf Clunk

Written this afternoon in Albion Cross

Sigh. I usually go to bed around 2:30, but because of the time change it was really 3:30 in practical terms. Church was this morning, and I managed to bump my head twice (once on a pew, once on a car doorframe [my head is still sore]) and I also jokingly albeit thoughtlessly stuck my foot out in the aisle to “trip” a poor kid who was walking blindfolded for a demonstration during Children’s Time. Sigh. I told the minister afterwards that inside me there’s a little boy who always wants to act out and that I should do a better job of subduing him.

Coming back here, I got mad and yelled at my Dad’s folks’ stupid, stupid dog. I hate it when she leaps up at what I’m carrying, especially my camera case or my laptop. I could have kicked that dumb mutt into next week, and only fear of retaliation prevented me from doing so. Only she isn’t a mutt – she’s apparently a retriever. I can’t abide her either way. She’s always bumping into me and jumping up at me with her jaw open. I suppose she has her redeeming qualities, and I’ll report back on this when I find some.

It’s snowing heavily. The weather lately has been frustrating. It’s too cold and slushy for walking or biking comfortably and safely, but it’s too mild for skiing. I’m really hoping for a cold snap after this snowfall. I really want to go skiing at least one more time while I’m here. I don’t skate ski, so I pretty much have to wait for a good snowfall and a good groomed track.

No slideshow today. I called Lea-Mac (a Radio Shack Source dealer) in Souris but they don’t have the S-video to RCA adaptor that I need for the TVs here in Albion Cross. I thought that one of the DVD / VCR combos (with RF and RCA outputs) would have S-video input, but both only had output. Bah, humbug! I mean, they have RCA input! Simmer. Gripe.

The adaptor is the simplest little thing – I had one in Japan but I left it with Chantal, along with 10m RCA cables for the same cross-room laptop-to-TV hookup that I’d had in my apartment. (I would have purchased a 10m S-video cable, but my television only took RCA anyway.) Funny thing, I might have wasted the whole thing on her – when I hooked it up for her, we only got a black-and-white picture. I think now that a pin might be bent, though at the time I tried to fiddle with settings on her computer. I’m fairly sure that wasn’t it at all, though. Since S-video (“s” means separate) carries the chroma and luminance information on separate pins, I’d bet on a failure with the chroma pin. I asked her about it a week ago but I haven’t heard from her. I think I should have poured down some asbestos on a communication wire before burning all my bridges from Seiko. =)

I still feel wronged by Seiko in some ways, but I’m also more keenly aware of my own pettiness, rudeness, and other shortcomings. It’s easy to say that I was working under a bunch of narcissistic morons, but I was the fool that went there without asking questions because I wanted things to be true that turned out not to be. I’m like a lot of people adrift in the sea of the skillless – too smart for religion, too dumb for science.

Speaking of which, I wonder how I’ll do this summer. I’ve added up the cost of the courses – luckily, it’ll all only cost about a tenth of what I have saved, so if it goes horribly awry and I can’t get past integrals and derivatives or whatever, I won’t be too much worse off. I also figured out that I’ll be better off getting transit tickets as opposed to a pass. The cost of a student pass is going up $10, from $54 to $64. That’s enough to make it better to get tickets for many – sure, they’re going up to $1.80 apiece (and will be available in books of 10 ($18) and 20 ($36)), but unless you’re going on round trips five days a week every week, you’re better off getting tickets. Getting the adult pass ($70) will be even harder to justify – even if you’re going on a round trip every weekday of the month (say, May ’09), that only gets you to $75.60 in ticket value. (July would be a good deal – it’s weekdays add up to $82.80.) Lessons: 1) Do the math. 2) Don’t spend your $5 savings in one shop. The convenience is worth a few bucks, though, I suppose. So really, tickets aren’t too shabby, especially now that it’s easier to transfer now than it used to be – short layovers are tolerated now, for instance.

For the record, I’m all for the fare increases as long as our current level of service is maintained (or even, dare I dream, enhanced).

Let’s hope!
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