William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
William Matheson

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cell phone - freestyle

Look, I got the tool we used to abhor
I was sold in a grocery store
By a very slick man
Three years times twenty and it's paid for
Then buy another phone and consume another plan

It's all about the loyalty
The possibilities delight me
The opportunities excite me
A mistake? This can't possibly

Vibrating text messages at the ball
Your mom can call me at the mall
The little convieniences, my attention divert
We'll never again get the wrong kind of yogurt

My battery lasts through Lord of the Rings
The sun goes down, I book the lodgings
I got 3G coverage from here to Juneau
WAP access, EMO blog on the go

Telus 611, they are my friends
I drop a call, they make amends
Notepad, calculator, Java games
WWE ringtones, no I want the dames

My girl, she has to go to bed at twelve
Thanks to texts, our convo we don't shelve
Her mom would get me with the blade, not the helve
But she don't know into what sex-ay things we dwelve

Now my friends can holla no matter where I'm at
I'm stuck on the bus, have a little chit-chat
Though, I can't talk in my hookup's humble abode
When it's time to lay a deal, I switch to Manner Mode

This freedom sure beats being tied to cables
It's all about the phone, expensive small miracles

- © 2004 William Matheson

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