William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
William Matheson

slideshow musings

I'm in the midst of creating my slideshow, but as things go these days, it's mostly a matter of what to leave out, not what to put in. I've whittled the abridged collection down to 1,871 from the original of 7,306 (and counting: I've found more things to upload).

1,871 is a few too many for one sitting though, unless I'm spending like three seconds on each slide, making for a humane 90-minute show. Actually three seconds is kind of realistic for a lot of them. Maybe I'll unleash it on my folks and see how they hold up. =) In any case, given the luxury of time, this would be the show I'd give, accompanied by a lot of stories and tidbits that I haven't even begun to type into the Flickr version.

Still, I think I'll make a ridiculously shortened version too. Some of you are probably waiting for such a thing. =)

Update: OK... 1,503. I don't want to do this anymore. Cutting more would take too much of a toll... or would it? I'm obsessing over this too much.
Tags: flickr, japan, photos, slideshows

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