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More on "This Night"

You know, the trouble with keeping a journal (whether live, or dead, or inane) is that making careful, idealized entries about everything that's important takes almost as much time as it does to live those wonderful, idealized, important moments. This is why Joe (thoughtboy) threw in the towel lo those years back. And I kind of agree with him. But before I run out of steam, there're a few more things I should share:

I ran into Travis at the Tim Horton's near the National Film Board where I attend my Narrative in Fiction and Film lectures / screenings every Wednesday night. He said that someone said I was running for SMUSA VP Internal. And I said, "Wha?" Because, really, I'm not qualified for such a job, and SMUSA, though they do good things, isn't as fun a place as it used to be when I was the Freshman Rep on the Student's Representative Council. You had Liam, you had Paris, you had Sam... Then again, maybe I'm just wondering why I kept getting doubled in every subsequent SRC election. =) I'm kind of glad I didn't get into being Arts Rep, though, 'cause I think Kathleen's done great. Anyway, it was great to run into Travis and his friend and we talked about a lot of things, probably to the irritation of the counter clerks who were waiting for me to order. I apologized to the woman who made my sandwhich, and she seemed to understand.

I paid my debt to society at the library this morning. There are a lot of sexy books in there. Well, being pathetic is the price you pay for being nice. =) To tie into what I said earlier, I would have returned that book on the day it was due (if opera_angel didn't sleep that whole day and take away the point of me going into town! =), but unless I have a class, or John Flansburgh is giving me the chance to play drums at the next TMBG concert, or my namesake His Royal Highness Prince William wants me to come party, I am not going into town! =)

However, I am planning to go to C'Mac's costume party this Saturday night at the Gorsebrook.

From Your Favourite Hack,
- William

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