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Japan Photos: Finished

Japan 2008
A collection by blue_william.
As you probably know, I spent 2008 living in Japan.

From my arrival at Tokyo's Narita airport on January 2nd to my touchdown at Halifax's Stanfield airport on Christmas Day, I took...

Well, how many photos do you think I took?


I took 13,719 photos. My old camera's odometer currently stands at 52,745. Now I have a new one and I love it, but that old beater will always have a place in my heart, and it's a more convenient size to carry around permanently than the big new one is.

Now, now, I'm not expecting everyone to look at 13,719 photos. That would be ridiculous. No, no, the final collection (the public, Flickr-powered portion of it anyway - I didn't add up the Facebook albums and the extra linked-in videos), amounts to a mere 7,306 photos, in categorical-chronological order. C'mon, you could see them all on your lunchbreak.

In all seriousness, I recommend just looking at what interests you, assuming anything does. Few people would even want to see it all, and fewer would be able to. With 64 sets in the collection, there should be something for everybody.

I also created an 88 temples collection that I'll add to as I visit more of the temples. The collections overlap, though - if you view all of the trip photos in the Japan collection, you don't have to look at the Temples collection. And I still need to tag and describe a great many of the photos, but the uploading work is virtually finished, so for the casual viewer this is as good a time to promulgate the collection as any.


(My next job will be to make a slideshow presentation for my folks out of the crème de la crème. I may make a long version (~300 images) and a short version (~100). We'll see how it goes. Update: Ha-ha, more like 1,949 images. August was the busiest month: there are 585 photos and videos from that month alone. But it COULD fit into an evening. Some images only need a few seconds to dwell on.)
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