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Facebook: Viral App Alert ("Error Viewing Profile")

This is an important message for all Facebook users.

People are getting notifications saying that people have experienced errors when viewing their profile. Clicking on the notification takes you to a page where you're to authorize an application in order to continue.

It failed the sniff test for me, and I quickly found that it's a bogus Facebook application that those folks had inadvertently installed. Perhaps they clicked on the "Activate" button, or perhaps they didn't - I don't remember clicking, and upon subsequent investigation (in the course of writing instructions for another friend on how to remove the "app"), I found that I had it myself!

News link:


Removing this app (it's easy):

Just go to "Settings," (top right, near the search box) select "Application Settings," and hit the X next to "Error Viewing Profile" or whatever it's called (I already deleted it ^_^). Since it's a new "app," it should be in the default view, which is "Recently Used."

Aside: I can hear Jaymee cackling from here. This will only reinforce the holdouts' reluctance. =)
Tags: alerts, applications, facebook, facebook apps, identity theft, scams, viral applications

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