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Thoughts on the Budget

This new budget is a piece of trash. As Chantal Hébert put it, it's like they decided to hit all the buttons at once. There's no strategy, and the vision is suspect. Do you really believe that this government is going to go back to balanced budgets within five years? I don't even want to give them that chance to prove themselves - governments shouldn't be allowed that kind of long leeway - and I hope Ignatieff does the right thing (for the country, if not his party) and pulls the plug on this government. I'm just sick of them. I've lost my objectivity.

You know, when you borrow money, not only do you have to sacrifice more later to pay that money back, but you also have to spend more and more to service that debt as you go along. Heck, Nova Scotia now spends nearly half its money every year on servicing its ancient debts! At the federal level, Martin brought us fiscal responsibility, and we've been reaping the rewards... until now. Now the cupboard is bare, and these charlatan "Conservatives" want to throw caution to the wind and spend like Trudeau. It makes me want to scream.

Let's say the good times come back again. Well, there's nothing unsexier, politically speaking, than using an entire surplus on debt repayment. You know as well as I that people are going to be coming with their hands out at the faintest whiff of found money, and scarce if any dollars will be put on the debt that we're incurring today.

I ask you, when does this end? When will we recognize government deficit, except in emergencies, as immoral? I could understand if we decided to run a deficit to shore up, say, unemployment benefits, and help people shoulder the blow. Fine. But permanent tax cuts? New programs? New infrastructure? (That infrastructure has to be maintained, by the way.)

No, this budget is a mirage - Flaherty has given us everything but the moon, but with no way to pay for it. Pull the plug.

By the way, don't listen to people who tell you to spend money. I hate that we're being told that saving money is bad and spending lots and lots of money is good. It's a bunch of baloney from people who want to keep the party going and see if the snake eating its own tail can circle around back to its head. Our economy was unsustainable, and it should be allowed to settle - we should consume smarter, and consume less.

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