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Readings and Notwritings

On a trip into town last week, I went into the library and there was a science exhibit going on, with all kinds of interactive displays and things. Cool! So I’m back in the magazines area, and there’s a Bernoulli lift, so I’m like, wow, I’ll try this out, and the first instruction is flip the switch, so I do that and VROOOOOOMMMMM and before I know it I’m flipping the switch off and apologizing to the nearby readers who are glaring at me.

On a quieter note, I found a brochure for and have since registered for a writer’s workshop in early February. Charlottetown is their only stop in Atlantic Canada. Now I haven’t been writing at all lately, unless you count this blog, and many people wouldn’t. In general, I’m great at coming up with excuses not to write. If procrastination were a contest, I’d be a world champion.

We brought in the new fridge at Grandma’s – the delivery guys were having a busy day and they didn’t come until 4:30. Anyway, I was relived to see that they knew what they were doing and had the right tools for the job – there was virtually no lifting required, and they had the situation in hand from start to finish. That, of course, didn’t stop my littlest sister (Rae, 7) from pushing me repeatedly and shouting, “Help them, William! Help them!” So I had to awkwardly ask if they needed help (they clearly didn’t, and said they were OK).

What I did do was sweep out the spot where the fridge had been and help Grandma load the new one when it was installed. The new one is nice and quiet – the old one had a mechanical problem and was making a tremendous racket (and was probably also using more electricity as the compromised system would have had to be running longer to achieve the same amount of cooling).

This is what amounts to news around here. =)

* * *

I vacuumed up The Subtle Knife in about a day and a half. I couldn’t believe how brutal it was. It sure didn’t pull any punches. (Don’t hold your breath waiting for the Hollywood movie!) Now I’m waiting for a paperback of The Amber Spyglass to come up from Borden. I wish this series were twenty books and not three, but then I guess it’d be Yet Another Overlong Fantasy Series.

There were a bunch of sci-fi books I’d been meaning to read before I went to Japan, and I crosschecked my Halifax “My List” with what’s available here, but the things I had on the list might have been too obscure: A Fire Upon the Deep was nowhere to be found, and Solaris was only available in French (but neither English nor its original Polish).

However, I did find the first season of the new Battlestar Galactica, which I’ve never watched but hear is pretty good (and there weren’t 1,500 holds on it, as there would have been in Halifax!), and the first Rama book (no, not Ranma), so those are two new things I can start on while I’m putting off writing my internship report. =) OK, I really gotta get at that. Tomorrow!
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